Chinternet Meme: My Profession (Updated)

In the spirit of the “How People View My Profession” memes that have been frequently appearing on Facebook walls lately, a series of similar memes have been popping up in Chinese cyberspace. Here is a portrayal of how journalists are perceived, translated from the original posting on CDT Chinese: When I become a journalist ______________________ My friends will think I do this Strangers will think I do this Colleagues will see me like this My mom will think of me like this Party officials will think of me like this But actually, I think it’s like this Ideally, I would be doing this In reality though, it would be more like this*
* Banner text: “Mobilization Conference for Provincial News Workers for Deeply and Broadly Engaging ‘Go to the Grassroots, Change Writing Style, Transform Working Style’ Activities“ This next one shows the way various groups of people look at members of the Communist Party of China: Chinese Communist Party Member       How I look through my friends’ eyes         Through my parent’s eyes              Through the eyes of liberals*     Through the eyes of Westerners     Through the eyes of Taiwanese**     Through the eyes of Hong Kongers                           What I had hoped for                                                            How it is in reality*** * A variation of Chinese characters representing the 50 Cent Party ** Poster text: “We Must Liberate Taiwan” *** Banner text: “Training Workshop for Provincial Internet Commentators“ UPDATE (March 9, 6:00pm) As the National People’s Congress continues their annual session in Beijing, and netizens poke fun at delegates caught in session slumber, this has been circulating the blogosphere:            NPC Delegates What my friends think I do while in session       What the public thinks I do             What my parents think I do What foreigners think I do                              What I think I do                    What I’m really doing while in session ...
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