Foreign Media’s Unstoppable Cuteness

Foreign Media’s Unstoppable Cuteness

It isn’t news that U.S. consulates in China love to post witty quips on Weibo, but you may not know that Japan’s Asahi Shimbun also partakes in cuteness from time to time. The shut-down of U.S. Consulate Shanghai’s Weibo account has not affected the enthusiasm of other non-Chinese organizations to get in on the action. On July 14, Asahi posted a photo on its Weibo featuring the two Chinese characters for “reincarnation.” The New York Times, itself reincarnated on Weibo (here) after its first account was shuttered, left a snark of solidarity:

asahixxrb: Learning Chinese – good night – oyasumi


nytimeschina: There was once a V* next to our name, but we did not treasure it… Although compared to U.S. Consulate Shanghai, we’re still pretty lucky…

纽约时报中文网精萃 :曾今有一个V放在我们面前,我们没有珍惜……不过比起上海总领馆,我们算幸运的了……

* “V” denotes a verified account.

Netizens had words from warning for the two foreign outlets:

BinBinBBQ: Soga? First the U.S. Consulate Shanghai reincarnates in the Penguin Empire. Now you’re preparing to become reincarnated?


XiFanvivi: Asahi, be careful!


NaturalCurls_ss: Asahi writes Chinese characters in such a unique style… but still not as good as Sora Aoi’s.


SunsetBoat: Goodnight, Asahi. I hope your words aren’t prophetic.


-SanBuHou-: What’s your other account? Might as well tell us now~


MangosteenSeeksEnlightenment: Asahi needs to get ready.


Smileblueaqua: Such attitude! You’ve already prepared your own coffin and are ready to become reincarnated!


Trouble’ah’trouble: Devil,* all you do is write nonsense all day! What a troublemaker! Be careful you don’t leave the stage with the U.S. imperialists! Hurry and go wash up for bed. Oyasumi!


* Devil (鬼子) is an epithet often aimed at Japanese.

PoetChenYoucai: I finally understand! Deleting the U.S. Consulate’s Weibo was payback for the U.S. bombing the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia* all those years ago. You know what they say: It’s never too late for a gentleman to take his revenge.


* Belgrade was the capital of Yugoslavia until the country broke apart in 2006. It is now the capital of Serbia.

LunEn: Helping the American imperialists! You don’t have the slightest feeling of brotherly camaraderie. And now you put up this vain attempt to attract the attention of Chinese people. Your little scheme will never work.


LGLMagazineRoom: The New York Times, with “all the news that’s fit to print” in the English-speaking world, is still this pathetic when it faces China!

令狐磊的杂志发现室: 面对中国,那个在英文世界「报道一切值得印刷的新闻」的纽约时报竟然也可怜至此!


Via CDT Chinese. Translation by Little Bluegill.

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