Zhang Yimou, You Really Are Cheap

Zhang Yimou, director of the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, is now in hot water over his role in producing a promotional video for the Railway Ministry. Zhang insists that he only acted as a consultant and that he did not receive RMB 2.5 million in commission, but the 2010 video clearly credits him as the director. Netizens have created a fake front page on the scandal for the fictional Rabble News: References in this image:
  • Chen and Liu are currently under investigation for their involvement in the production [zh].
  • Hu Jintao’s “harmonious society” is the source of countless online jokes.
  • Temporary workers are blamed for all kinds of mistakes and wrongdoing.
  • Via Over the Wall. ...
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    One Response to Zhang Yimou, You Really Are Cheap

    1. Ron says:

      What’s your point? He says he didn’t direct it. They put his name on it. Maybe he’s lying, but more likely they ased his name without his consent. And if you watch the interview, he says he did receive 2.5 million (at least in the subtitled version).