Netizen Voices: “Imaginary” Internet Company’s IPO

Netizen Voices: “Imaginary” Internet Company’s IPO
Check it out! I found a weird bird! Blue feathers! It’s gotta be a new species! (Rebel Pepper)

Check it out! I found a weird bird! Blue feathers! It’s gotta be a new species! (Rebel Pepper)

Weibo users respond to Twitter’s initial public offering on Friday:

@微博搜索: The US financial bubble is so huge, even a nonexistent website can swindle [traders] out of $20 billion.


Twitter is blocked by the Great Firewall.

@香蕉芭乐小丝瓜: There are only two countries in the world: China and everyone else.


@laoyang945: “There are people from many nations on Twitter”; “There are many of our nation’s people on Weibo.” #ChineseProficiencyTest


Aside from the words “Twitter” and “Weibo,” the two phrases are the same, yet can be read to convey differing meanings that reflect the differences between the two sites.

@小岛上的奥特曼: The farthest distance in the world: I see you listed on the stock market, yet I cannot get on your site.


@朋克狗熊: The world’s Three Big Websites of Deception: YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


@朋克狗熊 uses unofficial transliterations of the sites: Oily Body Or Not (Tǐyóubù 体油不), It Surely Must Perish (Fēisǐbùkě 非死不可), and Push Special (Tuītè 推特).

@nancy木南楠: Some people argue that our foreign friends don’t know about Sina Weibo… Dummies, “I don’t know” and “they won’t let me know” are two completely different things… Our freedom of speech still lags far behind the world. This is an indisputable fact. Whether you admit it or not, this has nothing to do with being a patriot.


@假装在纽约: Many people don’t mind that they can’t use Twitter. Some of their justifications: “Twitter’s hard to use”; “it’s not interesting”; “Did you even get a 4 on your college English proficiency exam? And you want to use Twitter…”; “Why would I want to use that?”; “Even if you were able to use it, you wouldn’t want to”; “Just scale the wall”; “There’s Weibo”… But whether or not it’s easy to use, whether or not you would use it, whether or not you would want to use it—these are all separate issues. Your rights are being violated, and yet you remain oblivious and complacent?


@jason5ng32: On June 5, 2010, I was taken in and interrogated by state security agents. They suspected a certain Twitter account was mine, claiming that my employees and I were publishing a bunch of sensitive information on the site. Oh, how I wish I could live inside their narrow skulls—I’d make a killing on Twitter’s IPO.

2010年6月5日,我被国保带到派出所审问,他们怀疑 Twitter 是我的,说我和员工们在这个网站上发布了很多敏感信息。我多么希望活在他们的狭窄的大脑里,这样的话,今天 Twitter 上市我就能赚一大笔了。

Read more reactions to the Twitter IPO at CDT Chinese.

Translation by Little Bluegill.


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