Sensitive Words: May Thirty-fifth and More

Sensitive Words: May Thirty-fifth and More

As of May 27, the following search terms are blocked on Weibo (not including the “search for user” function).

Tiananmen: More keywords blocked in relation to the approaching anniversary of June 4th. See also the May 22 Sensitive Words post.


Violence in Xinjiang: Beijing has promised a “yearlong campaign against ” after in an market last week and a train station last month, as well as an earlier stabbing at a Kunming train station. The suspects in these incidents are Uyghur, the titular nationality of Xinjiang.

  • 公园北街+乌市: North Gongyuan Street – Location of the Urumqi market attack.
  • 伊斯兰+恐怖: Islam+terror


Tension with Vietnam: Netizens have reported that PLA solider were seen in towns near the border with Vietnam, following anti-Chinese protests in Vietnam.

  • 解放军+中越边境集结: PLA+mass at China-Vietnam border


Anti-pornography Campaign: The web video company QVOD had its license revoked and was fined for allegedly hosting pornography.

  • 支持+快播: support+QVOD


Also Blocked:

All Chinese-language words are tested using simplified characters. The same terms in traditional characters occasionally return different results.

CDT Chinese runs a project that crowd-sources filtered keywords on Weibo search. CDT independently tests the keywords before posting them, but some searches later become accessible again. We welcome readers to contribute to this project so that we can include the most up-to-date information.

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