China to Ban Smoking at Indoor Public Places

China, the world’s largest producer of cigarettes and home to the most smokers. is trying again to limit smoking in public in an effort to curb the national habit. From Reuters: China, which has more than 300 million...

Tenants who Spit Could Face Eviction in China City

Under the banner of ‘harmonious society,’ Guangzhou may introduce an ordinance that would evict residents who repeatedly spit or drop cigarette butts in public. From Times Online’s Jane Macartney: Under a new...

Te-Ping Chen: China’s Marlboro Country

From the Slate: YUNXIAO, China—On first approach, Yunxiao seems like any other Chinese backwater caught in an uneasy industrial transition. Faded advertisements line the downtown streets, where motorcyclists wearing bamboo-frond...

The great Chinese smoke-up (we puff for the poor ) – Jay Sheng

From Shanghaiist: If part of your New Year’s resolution is to pick up smoking, well here is yet another reason why you have just made an awesome decision (as if prospect of tarred teeth, permanent bad breath and lung cancer aren’t enough to look forward to): Your new habit will help fund education for many […]

China Confronts Price Of Its Cigarette Habit – Gordon Fairclough

From The Wall Street Journal: On the outskirts of this provincial capital stands a massive sports complex, built by state-owned cigarette manufacturer Hongta Group. Outside, a grand frieze depicts a progression, from farmers harvesting tobacco to high-rise buildings and jet airplanes. The blunt message: Tobacco is responsible for bringing modernity to this poor corner of […]

Marlboro Country’s borderline with China – Matt Young

From Asia Times (link): The largest tobacco producer in the world is the Chinese government, and despite loosening trade barriers, it appears it wants to stay that way by mastering the game of Monopoly at home and blowing more local smoke abroad. The tobacco trade in China has opened up to some extent since the […]

Geoffrey York: In China, cigarettes are a kind of miracle drug

From the Globe and Mail: Here’s some exciting medical news from the Chinese government: Smoking is great for your health. Cigarettes, according to China’s tobacco authorities, are an excellent way to prevent ulcers. They also reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease, relieve schizophrenia, boost your brain cells, speed up your thinking, improve your reactions and […]

Book Review: A war on drugs or a war on tradition?

From the Taipei Times: “Opium has always been associated, for better or worse, with China. And almost invariably it’s been for the worse. The myth, in both the Christian West and the communist East, has been that this pernicious substance was brought to the Celestial Empire by the perfidious British, forced onto a gullible people, […]

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