China`s developing world energy strategy – Edward Lanfranco

From UPI:

A big part of China`s efforts to put its affairs in order before lunar new year celebrations is focused on energy security issues with other developing nations.

Two events Thursday illustrated Beijing`s ambitions: collaboration with Africa and managing a potential rivalry with India on securing energy resources.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued policy paper on Africa in the run-up to minister Li Zhaoxing starting a five-nation tour of the continent. The paper states the government will ‘adopt more effective measures to facilitate African commodities` access to the Chinese market.’

It also said China will support ‘competent enterprises to cooperate with African nations in various ways on the basis of the principle of mutual benefit and common development, to develop and exploit rationally their resources, with a view to helping African countries to translate their advantages in resources to competitive strength, and realize sustainable development in their own countries and the continent as a whole.’

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January 13, 2006 10:59 AM
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