Falcon Training in China’s Northeast

Evie Liu at CNN gives a brief sketch of a small village in northeastern China where falconry is still a common practice among local men:

In China’s province, the tiny rural community of Ying Tun — known here as the “Falcon Village” — the 55-year-old Zhao has, like many of his ancestors, dedicated his entire life to training the fierce feathered creatures.

[…] Deep in the , Jilin borders North Korea and Russia. It’s the home of China’s ethnic , who continue to practice ancient traditions in an effort to preserve their culture.

[…] Like and horse racing, raising falcons — once a form of leisure and entertainment for royals — remains an admired practice in the region, considered a show of bravery and man’s conquest over nature. [Source]

The area holds a Falcon Culture Festival each year in early January, when many visitors come to experience traditional Manchu culture.

July 24, 2013, 4:02 PM
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