There Would Be No Saddam’s Trial without Outside Forces – Xu Youyu

Xuyouyu Translated by Flypig, from Anti’s English Blog – AEB:

AEB: Liberalist is a professor and researcher at Philosophy Institute of CASS. On Oct 20, 2005, he wrote a column on The Beijing News, entitled “There Would Be No Saddam’s Trial without Outside Forces”.

The Iraqi Special Tribunal begins the first trial of former Iraqi President on Oct. 19, 2005. This event attracted strong attentions from Chinese people. Shortly after news being released, lots of Internet users write their various opinions on line. The discussions have an obvious characteristic: warm-working. Some consider Saddam as a dictator and murderer, while others persist in the viewpoint that Saddam is a president elected by the people and an Anti-America hero.

November 16, 2005, 7:57 AM
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