Hu Xijin: A Few Words for the Liberals

Once again, Global Times Chief Editor Hu Xijin has provided propagandistic fodder for savvy netizens. As in many of his recent Weibo posts, he starts off reasonably, then spits venom (via Shanghaiist): I’d like to say a few words to the liberals. You have stirred up China, and you have manufactured its adaptability. You have helped China progress by bringing change from the bottom up, and you have become one of the key forces in China’s reform. At the same time though, you are magnifying China’s risk, and you may one day bring China past that threshold of what it’s able to endure, thereby becoming the cancer cells that will lead to the demise of China. You have become a key tool in the hands of the Americans who want to topple China. I honestly hope you will eventually become a positive force in the destiny of China. 对 自由派说几句话。你们触动了国家,制造了国家新的适应性。你们带来了中国进步自下而上的动力。你们已是推动中国改革的合力之一。同时,你们在加 大中国的风险,你们有可能捅破中国的承受力,成为中国严重病变的癌细胞,你们已是美国试图撬动扳倒中国的主要杠杆。衷心希望你们最终是中国命运的正能 量。 Below are some choice responses to Hu: UnoccupiedXC: Are we even talking about the same “China”? 闲处xc: 你所说的’中国’是我说的’中国’吗? MeowMeow: F! I don’t know who’s bringing China past that threshold of what it’s able to endure! 吖喵吖喵: 擦! 不知到是谁在捅破中国的承受力! WangWeisCourtyard: It’s becoming harder and harder to fool the masses. Are you disappointed, Chief Hu? 王维的院子:群众越来越不好骗了,胡主编很失望? AMULL: Who’s the bad guy, the liberals or the corrupt mandarins? The people will freely arbitrate this… How long do your masters have left? That’s right! It won’t be China that is toppled, but your dictatorship, its corruption, and its treasonous masters… China will persevere, but its corrupt and incompetent government will surely collapse. AMULL:自由派和贪官污吏谁坏,人民自由公断…你的主子们还能有多久…对了,扳倒的不是中国,而是你那独裁、贪腐、卖国的主子…中国会永远存在,而腐败无能的政府终将垮台… Guo-Yongfeng: Spoken very sincerely. Perhaps Editor Hu is also quite helpless. Every day he has to play the game and write essays for use by the imperial court. He cannot be careless when tackling the crucial issues. 郭-永丰:说的是真心话。也许胡总编也很无奈,平日要演好戏,写好御用文章,关键问题上,也不含糊 iWeeklySurroundAndWatch: ...
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2 Responses to Hu Xijin: A Few Words for the Liberals

  1. TaoLee says:

    Please guys. America does not want China, except maybe the great food. Otherwise, water you can’t drink and you can’t breathe the air? Really? Be reasonable.

  2. Will says:

    Chief Hu’s U.S. conspiracy theory is getting rather ragged around the edges, as he keeps dragging it out and brandishing it in fear and loathing.