Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (21)

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media blog, CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to Canyu, the directives were issued by the Beijing Municipal Network Propaganda Management Office and the State Council Internet management departments and provided to to Canyu by insiders. has not verified the source.

The translations are by Rogier Creemers of China Copyright and Media.

21 June 2006, 8:59, Fan Tao

If the comment article “Changes in the Final Structure of the Allocation of Our National Income, Tilted Towards Government” from the Shanghai Securities Daily appears on any website, please speedily delete it! Please acknowledge receipt!

22 June 2006, 9:00, Chen Hua

Search for, comb out and shield “Summary of the Xishan Meeting” and corresponding content; concerning the matter of a female student being killed in a collision on the campus of Guangdong Agricultural University, do not report or discuss it.

22 June 2006, 11:32, Chen Hua


(1) Concerning “Removing Officials and Bringing Down the Cabinet,” “The Nasty Case of the Son-In-Law of Chen Shui-bian” and other matters on Taiwan, only report it, do not comment or guess on it, it is not permitted to use foreign media commentary.

(2) The development of the main reporting on the state of affairs, must be subject to quantity control of news reports in this regard, about 100 articles.

(3) Do not make netizens’ posts or blogged articles into official news for transmission, where forum, tracker or blog discussions become extreme, irrational or not beneficial to the grand scheme of achieving national unification, where discussions seize the opportunity to attack our policies towards Taiwan or attack our social system, or where there is unlawful or harmful information, this must be timely deleted.

(4) For reports concerning the situation on Taiwan, only reprint Xinhua copy, it is not permitted to edit and translate foreign media information.

(5) For major sudden incidents, propaganda discipline must be strictly obeyed, only transmit Xinhua copy, it is not permitted to gather or edit information by oneself, it is not permitted to publish comments without authorization, it is not permitted to edit and release foreign media information, articles or comments.

II: Some media reported that the “Pioneer” group president Liu Xiaoguang is under investigation of the Central Discipline Inspection Committee and that the Hong Kong traded company “Pioneer Enterprises” has been removed from the stock market in Hong Kong, on the basis of reports from the Beijing side, the above information does not conform to the facts, websites are not to reprint it without exception, existing information must be immediately removed, forums and blogs are also not to post this.

22 June 2006, 11:54, Wu Haihong

(On the basis of telephone content records, 1, 2 and 4 are titles, 3 is the corresponding event, there is no title.)

I: Female Student Dies on Some Guangdong University Campus After Being Hit by Military Vehicle

II: Power Outage at Some Sichuan University Incited Student Riot

III: Delete all reports concerning the student riot in Zhengzhou University (there is no title).

IV: Riots at Shanxi Zhongbei University Because of Dormitory Move.

22 June 2006, 12:48, Chen Hua

Urgent. Please rapidly screen out the matter of a large-scale student riot at Zhengzhou University Economy and Trade Faculty, rapidly screen out, search for and block this, do not report anything influences stability at Beijing higher education institutes, notify educational channels and blogs.

22 June 2006, 17:17, Fan Tao

Search for and delete non-Xinhua copy concerning the “incident of the Fujian Industry and Commerce Bureau Director Zhou Jinhui fleeing abroad” published on websites, strengthen supervision and control.

26 June 2006, 10:23, Fan Tao

Original notice text: All websites are to speedily delete “Female China International Economy and Trade Arbitration Commission Deputy Section Director Murdered.”

27 June 2006, 18:45, Network Management Office, Duty manager

(1) The special subject of the 85th anniversary of the Party’s founding is to be put in one line with running the web in a civilized manner and red memories, on a red background. When there are important remembrance activities and important speeches by central leaders, the World Cup special subject must make room at the large header position. Persist in preventing the playing up of negative news, and create a positive and upward online public opinion atmosphere for remembrance activities. Strengthen management over forums, blogs and news trackers, rumours, attacks, distortions and all other sorts of harmful information must be firmly and timely deleted.

(2) If there is information on “Chinese Navy Ship 774 Sinks after Collision” on forums, speedily delete it, and strengthen blocking.

(3) Concerning the matter of “CCTV Statement on Cancelling the Evening Broadcast of the National Anthem after Revision,” websites are no longer to reprint matters, report this or comment on this, existing news is to be pushed to the back stage, management over forums and blogs must be strengthened, timely delete attacks, abuses and other harmful information.

Please earnestly implement the above requirements!!

28 June 2006, 10:09, Network Management Office, Duty manager

Everyone, today in the afternoon, the Ministry of Information Industry and the State Council Information Office convened the teleconference on “Soundly Move Running the Web in a Civilized Manner and Using the Web in a Civilized Manner Activities Forward, Deeply Launch the ‘Sunlight and Green Network Project,’” all websites are requested to transmit the conference press releases published on People’s Daily Net and Xinhua Net on the main page of their website in the important news section, as well as the speech of director Cai Wu and Minister Wang Xudong, and leave them there for 24 hours. Put it in the section on running the web in a civilized manner, replace the special subject with the title.

28 June 2006, 10:56, Network Management Office, Duty manager

All websites, close all trackers without exception for articles concerning the 85th anniversary of the Party. It is reiterated again that when there are large remembrance activities and speeches by central leaders, they must be put on the header of the main page of websites on a read background, and the header of the news center, the World Cup must make way. This must be implemented.

28 June 2006, 14:56, Network Management Office, Duty manager

All websites are requested to continue to delete content related to Chen Qiuhua (airplane crash expert).

28 June 2006, 18:38

All websites are requested to reprint the report about the teleconference convened today in the afternoon by the Ministry of Information Industry and the State Council Information Office on the main page of websites and the important news section of news centers.

The article link is: http://news.xinhuanet.com/politics/2006-06/28/content_4762266.htm.

This article must be maintained on the main page for at least 24 hours.

28 June 2006, 18:40, Chen Hua

To report the gas explosion accident at the Wulong Colliery of the Liaoning Fuxin Mining Group, websites are only to use Xinhua copy and news conference copy from Liaoning province, do not set up news trackers; concerning the matter of deliberating the “Sudden Incident Response Law” (Draft), websites are only to use Xinhua copy or corresponding copy from the People’s Daily, must strengthen management over news trackers, forums and blogs, and timely delete attacks, abuses and other harmful information; for articles related to income allocation and other problems, only use copy from main central news work units, this may not be played up, also don’t do online surveys. Management over forums, trackers, blogs, etc. must be strengthened, timely block misrepresentations, attacks, extremes and other harmful discourse.

29 June 2006, 9:30, Fan Tao

The “Sudden Incident Response Law” (Draft) has been submitted to the 22nd Meeting of the 10th National People’s Congress Standing Committee for deliberation a few days ago. In order to guarantee that corresponding work proceeds smoothly, concerning the matter of deliberating the “Sudden Incident Response Law” (Draft), websites are only to use Xinhua copy and corresponding People’s Daily comments, must strengthen management over news trackers, forums and blogs, and timely delete attacks, misrepresentations and other harmful information.

29 June 2006, 17:17, Fan Tao

Recently, posts about a mass incident at the Qingdao Feiyang Professional and Technical College in Shandong emerged on a number of websites and forums, and some people seized the opportunity to stir up things. In order to maintain stability, websites are not to disseminate information related to the mass incident at the Qingdao Feiyang Professional and Technical College without exception, must strengthen management over forums and blogs, and timely delete relevant information.



2006年6月21日08时59分 范 涛

各网如发现有《上海证券报》的评论文章”我国国民收入分配最终格局的变化 正向政府倾斜”请迅速删除!收到请回复!

2006年6月22日09时00分 陈华


2006年6月22日11时32分 陈华









2006年6月22日11时54分 吴海红






2006年6月22日12时48分 陈华

急。请速清查郑州大学达经贸学院发生大规模学生骚乱一事 速各自清查 搜索屏蔽 影响北京高校稳定的不报道 通知教育频道 博客

2006年6月22日17时17分 范 涛


2006年6月26日10时23分范 涛

通知原文: 各网速删《中国国际经贸仲裁委员会女副处长遭劫杀》


1、建党85周年的纪念专题与文明办网、红色记忆放在一行,套红摆放。有重要纪念活动和中央领导的重要讲话时,世界杯专题必须让出大头条位置。坚决 制止负面新闻炒作,为纪念活动营造积极向上的网上舆论氛围。加强对论坛、博客和新闻跟帖的管理,对造谣、攻击、歪曲等各类有害信息必须坚决、及时删除。




2006年6月28日10时09分 网管办值班

各位,今天下午信息产业部和国务院新闻办将联合召开”扎实推进文明办网 文明上网活动 深入开展’阳光·绿色网络工程’”电视电话会议,请各网站在首页要闻区突出转发好人民网、新华网登载的会议新闻稿,以及蔡武主任、王旭东部长在会上的讲 话,并保留24小时。放在文明办网位置上,以标题带专题。

2006年6月28日10时56分 网管办值班


2006年6月28日14时56分 网管办值班






2006年6月28日18时40分 陈华

有关辽宁阜新矿业集团五龙煤矿瓦斯爆炸事故的报道,网站只使用新华社通稿和辽宁省新闻发布会稿件,不设新闻跟帖;有关审议《突发事件应对法》(草 案)事,网站只使用新华社通稿和人民日报相关评论,要加强对新闻跟帖、论坛、博客的管理,及时删除攻击、歪曲等有害信息;收入分配等问题有关文章只使用中 央主要新闻单位稿件,不得炒作,也不搞网上调查。要加强对论坛、跟帖、博客等的管理,及时封堵删除歪曲、攻击、偏激等有害言论。

2006年6月29日09时30分 范 涛


2006年6月29日17时17分 范 涛


These translated directives were first posted by Rogier Creemers on on November 28, 2012 (here).


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