Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (29)

Censorship Vault: Beijing Internet Instructions Series (29)

In partnership with the China Copyright and Media blog, CDT is adding the “Beijing Internet Instructions” series to the Censorship Vault. These directives were originally published on Canyu.org (Participate) and date from 2005 to 2007. According to , the directives were issued by the Municipal Network Management Office and the management departments and provided to to by insiders. has not verified the source.

The translations are by Rogier Creemers of .

8 September 2006, 16:46, Beijing Municipal Information Office

I. Reprinting instructions concerning the 5th anniversary of 9/11

This year is the 5th anniversary of the “9/11″ terror attacks suffered by the United States, the U.S. will organize a number of remembrance activities. All websites are required to pay attention: to report related remembrance activities, only reprint People’s Daily Net and Xinhua Net copy; do not make special subjects; timely block and delete acclaims for terror attacks and other harmful discussions; it is strictly prohibited that misleading and inciting discussions that link terrorism with the Islamic religion emerge online.

II. Notice concerning strengthening online propaganda work on building Socialism and a harmonious society

The Politburo of the CCP Central Committee has decided to convene the 6th Plenary Meeting of the 16th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing, in October of this year, the main theme of the 6th Plenum is researching the question of building Socialism and a harmonious society. In order to create a good online public opinion atmosphere for the convention of the 6th Plenum, and stimulate the construction of a harmonious society, hereby, the following requirements for online propaganda work are notified:

(1) Guiding ideology

Building Socialism and a harmonious society are the major strategic tasks put forward by the Communist Party starting from the total arrangement of the Socialist undertaking with Chinese characteristics and the overall picture of completely constructing a relatively well-off society. Online public propaganda and reporting must earnestly implement the important principles, policies and deployments made by the Party Center in the area of building a harmonious society, give prominence to propagating the new progress, new results and new experiences up and down the entire country in the area of building a harmonious society, and new achievements obtained in economic, political, cultural, and social construction, and other aspects, in order to create a good online public opinion environment for the convention of the 6th Plenum.

(2) Focus propaganda points

a. Meticulously explain and interpret our Party’s strategies and policies in building Socialism and a harmonious society, the important speeches of Central leading comrades concerning harmonious society construction, the newest achievements of theoretical circles’ research concerning harmonious society construction published by Central focus news and network media, and deeply analyze the major significance of building a harmonious society for our country’s developments.

b. Starting from both the macro-level and the micro-level, give prominence to introducing the new measures, new progress and new achievements of harmonious society construction nationwide and in all localities.

c. Integrated with welcoming National Day, look back on the course of our 57 years of development, give prominence to our Party’s wise decisions in concepts to govern the country and the development path, and its important navigational function.

d. Give prominence propagating our Party’s confronting the problem of influencing the harmony of Chinese society with a positive attitude, correctly dissolving social contradictions, expanding the harmonious factors to the largest extent, and reducing the inharmonious factors to the largest extent.

e. Qianlong Net must strengthen reporting concerning propaganda of Beijing Municipality in the area of harmonious society construction; commercial websites must appropriately expand propaganda strength concerning the harmonious society construction achievements in Beijing.

(3) Work arrangements

a. From 15 September, Qianlong, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, TOM and China Net shall again publish a corresponding special subject on building a harmonious society on the main page of the news website “focus subject” or “hot subject” areas (the original special subject may be used). Before 1 October, it may be placed in a relatively low position in the focus subject section; after 1 October, it is to be put in a high position, on the second or third line; from three days before the 6th Plenum begins until three days after the meeting concludes, it must be placed on the first position of special subjects, and special subject entry points are to be set up on the main page of the website and the news section.

b. Renew special subject content, timely reprint reports and comments of Central and municipal focus media and news websites concerning harmonious society construction.

c. Before and after the 6th Plenum, strengthen propaganda and reports around the process of the meetings; strengthen deep interpretation of the reports and decisions passed at the meeting, and the speeches of General Secretary Hu Jintao.

d. Vigorously excavate news events reflecting the “harmonious society,” and use them to substantiate the special subject.

e. Revolving around harmonious society construction topics, set up constructive discussion topics, and guide netizens to participate in discussion on harmonious society construction.

(4) Work requirements

Propaganda keys must be strictly grasped, persist in giving first place to positive propaganda. News information sources must be standardized, strengthen guidance, supervision and control over online public opinion. All websites cannot exaggerate or play up topics existing in harmonious society construction and are not allowed to engage in online surveys under the guise of harmonious society construction topics, online attacking discussions and harmful information must be timely deleted. If any website has good propaganda suggestions, they must report the propaganda policy and plan to our office for examination and approval in advance. Contact person: Municipal Network Management and Network Propaganda Office, Lin Lingsi, telephone: 85120188, ext. 852; 13164291104, e-mail: linlingsi@vip.163.com

III. Notice concerning doing online propaganda and reporting for the 57th National Day well

1 October of this year is the day of remembrance for the 57th anniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, in order to even better propagate the glorious course that our country has marched for 57 years, and create a joyous and auspicious holiday atmosphere, hereby, the following is notified concerning online propaganda and reporting work for the 57th National Day:

(1) Guiding ideology

Forcefully propagate the increase in our country’s comprehensive national strength since the founding of the nation and especially since reform and opening up, the social development progress, the improvement in people’s living standards and the rise in international position; forcefully propagate the prominent achievements obtained by our country in political, economic, cultural and social construction and other areas; forcefully propagate that the correct leadership of the Chinese Communist Party is an important guarantee for our country to become strong and prosperous; forcefully propagate the new progress and new achievements of the people of all ethnicities in the entire country of establishing and implementing the scientific development view, completely constructing a relatively well-off society, building a Socialist harmonious society, and constructing a new Socialist countryside in these new times, to create a good holiday atmosphere for the 57th National day.

(2) Propaganda focus points

a. Forcefully propagate the huge achievements of our country since founding the nation and especially since reform and opening up in the aspects of political, economic, cultural, and social construction, prominently report the achievements gained in our country’s economic construction in the last half-year.

b. Vigorously report the celebration activities organized in all localities in the entire country around the 57th National Day, all sectors and all industries’ actual activities to present gifts for the 57th glorious anniversary of the motherland, to create a united, warm, and joyous holiday atmosphere.

c. Grasp the key theme of propaganda and reporting on the Golden Week travel well, guide netizens to have a healthy, happy and safe National Day vacation, put an end to the emergence of propaganda and reports that propagate luxury and waste, and environmental destruction.

d. Integrate Mid-Autumn Festival, and ensure propaganda and reports that gives high regard to China’s traditional holidays and carries forward the excellent cultural traditions of the Chinese nation.

e. Qianlong Net will strengthen propaganda and reporting over corresponding activities to celebrate the 57th National Day in Beijing City and on economic and social construction achievements, and sets up a special section; commercial websites must appropriately expand propaganda strength concerning activities related to the 57th National Day in Beijing City.

(3) Work arrangements

a. All Qianlong, Sina, Sohu, Netease, TOM, and China Net must roll out a “Celebrate the 57th Anniversary of the Foundation of the People’s Republic of China” (the name may be somewhat changed) in the special subject section of the news centre, starting from 25 September, and maintain it until 15 October.

b. This special subject production must fully give rein to the initiative and creativity of all websites, all websites, apart from having to transmit National Day speeches from Central leaders and Central organizations’ important National Day activities, may set up National Day propaganda and reporting plans by themselves, but relevant plans must be reported to the Network Management Office Network Propaganda Office for examination and approval before 20 September. Contact person: Network Management Office Network Propaganda Office, Lin Lingsi, telephone: 85120188, ext. 852; 13164291104, e-mail: linlingsi@vip.163.com

11 September 2006, 9:51, Beijing Municipal Information Office

All businesses: Please make the title “Beijing Network Media Zunyi Declaration” into the special subject entry point for the “Glory of the Zunyi Conference”, and put the entire text of the Qianlong Net information “Qianlong Net and other Beijing Media Issue the ‘Beijing Network Media Zunyi Declaration’” in the header of the special subject (http://news.qianlong.com/28874/2006/09/11/183@3412457.htm), at the same time, issue the title “Beijing Network Media Zunyi Declaration” on the main page of websites. All specialist websites: please reprint the “Qianlong Net and other Beijing Media Issue the ‘Beijing Network Media Zunyi Declaration’” on the main page of websites and the header of the first page of the news centers or the first page of forums (http://news.qianlong.com/28874/2006/09/11/183@3412457.htm).

11 September 2006, 15:12, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Yang Le

Everyone, now, the special subject “ideological and moral education of the youth” is to go online, and put up from today until the 17th, put it in the second line of the main page of websites and the second line of the important news section of the news centre, juxtapose it with the special subjects on running the web in a civilized manner and the Long March.

12 September 2006, 15:10, Network Management Office, Duty Manager

All websites, please search for and delete the text “Doctoral Students Uncover and Report Scandal in the Chongqing University Economics and Management Faculty” from forums and blogs. The said post states: “I am Li Qiongfang, a research student of Chongqing University President Zhang, I am now in the third year of my doctorate, at present, we live in the dark Chongqing University, pass our days in extreme difficulty, look forward to all walks of society paying attention to our fate, and paying attention to the widely existing problems in Chongqing University…” Chongqing University has issued a statement concerning this matter that states: Chongqing University states that in the past few days, there were domestic websites who published a post that so-called “Doctoral Students Uncover and Report Scandal in the Chongqing University Economics and Management Faculty,” and many echoing posts have emerged. Against this, Chongqing University states the following: (1) After checking and verification, Chongqing University has never had a doctoral student called Li Qiongfang; (2) The phenomena listed in these posts are pure fabrications, and maliciously defame Chongqing University and corresponding lecturers; (3) Our school’s doctoral student recruitment and training has strict management structures and financial structures, and the phenomena of bribe-taking, embezzlement of student allowances, wilful delay of student training segments and graduation alluded to in the posts have never taken place; (4) In order to guarantee the training quality of doctoral students, the provisions of the school’s “Chongqing University Graduate Student Management Regulations ‘Trial,’” the “Chongqing University Regulations on Graduate Student Applications for Master and Doctoral Degrees and Publishing of Academic Dissertations (Trial Draft)” and document CQU No. (2005)40 have been strictly implemented in the Economics and Management Faculty’s training of doctoral students; (5) The school has reported this case to the public security organs, the public security organs have accepted it. The school will continue to adopt legal methods to clarify the facts and safeguard the reputation of the school and the rights and interests of lecturers and staff. Chongqing University President’s Office, 30 August 2006

12 September 2006, 15:12, Network Management Office, Duty Manager

All websites: Please immediately link to the Dayu Net special subject “Large Campaign for Online Donations – Themed Disaster Relief Activities to Help the Chongqing Disaster Areas to Cross the Crisis” in the special subject column of the website’s news center, and leave it there for six months.

12 September 2006, 15:12, network Management Office, Duty Manager

(1) Please immediately delete the article  “Prestige of Japanese Prime Ministerial Candidate Under Attack Because of Buying Spirits in China.”

(2) Please push the article ” 164 Million Embezzled in Beijing Railway Bureau” to the back stage.

(3) All websites are requested to pay attention: In the time before and after the day of remembrance of the Mukden Incident, please do not open trackers on reports involving Japan. Forums are also not to guide discussions, do not make reports involving Japan into main posts.

18 September 2006, 15:13, Beijing Municipal Information Office

Today, the post of the so-called “Provisional Rules on Implementing Policies Concerning Military Cadres Transferred to Enterprises” has been issued on some forums and websites, these so-called “rules” are pure rumors. Whenever they emerge, they must be immediately deleted, websites may also not upload this information.

20 September 2006, 9:00, Chai Yue

(1) Please immediately close all trackers concerning reports on the coup d’état in Thailand.

(2) The auction house Sotheby’s has claimed that it will organize an auction having articles from China’s Cultural Revolution and “June 4th” in the near future. Please do not report this auction. It must also be prevented that relevant information is spread on interactive segments.

(3) Please delete the article “South Korea Scrambles for the Su Reef in the East China Sea – Chinese Side Strengthens Maritime Patrols and Management.”


2006年9月8日16时46分 北京市新闻办




中共中央政治局决定于今年10月在北京召开中国共产党第十六届中央委员会第六次会议,六中全会的主要议题是研究构建社会主义和谐社会问题。为给六中 全会召开营造良好的网上舆论氛围,促进和谐社会建设,现提出网上宣传工作要求通知如下:一、 指导思想构建社会主义和谐社会是中国共产党从中国特色社会主义事业的总体布局和全面建设小康社会的全局出发提出的重大战略任务。网上宣传报道要认真贯彻落 实党中央在构建和谐社会方面作出的重要方针、决策和部署,突出宣传全国上下在和谐社会建设方面的新进展、新成果和新经验,经济、政治、文化和社会建设等方 面取得的新成就,为六中全会召开营造良好的网上舆论环境。二、 宣传重点 1. 详细介绍、解读我党在构建社会主义和谐社会方面的战略决策,中央领导同志关于和谐社会建设的重要讲话,中央重点新闻和网络媒体刊载的理论界关于和谐社会建 设研究的最新成果,深入分析构建和谐社会对我国发展的重大意义。 2. 从宏观和微观两方面入手,突出介绍全国和各地在和谐社会建设方面的新举措、新进展、新成就。 3. 结合迎接国庆,回顾我国57年发展历程,突出我党在治国理念和发展道路上的明智抉择和重要导航作用。 4. 突出宣传我党以积极态度面对影响中国社会和谐的问题,正确化解社会矛盾,最大限度地增加和谐因素,最大限度地减少不和谐因素。 5.千龙网要加强对北京市在和谐社会建设方面的宣传报道;商业网站要适当加大对北京市和谐社会建设成果的宣传力度。三、工作安排 1.从9月15日起,千龙网、新浪网、搜狐网、网易网、TOM网、中华网应在新闻中心首页“焦点专题”或“热点专题”区重新推出构建和谐社会相关专题(可 启用原有专题)。10月1日前,可放在焦点专题较低位置;10月1日以后,将位置调高,放在第二、三位置上;六中全会开始前三天至会议结束后三天,放在专 题第一位置,并在网站首页和新闻中心首页设专题入口。 2.更新专题内容,及时转载中央和市属重点媒体和新闻网站关于和谐社会建设的报道和评论。 3.六中全会前后,围绕会议进程强化宣传报道;加强对会议所通过报告、决议和胡锦涛总书记讲话的深度解读。 4.积极发掘体现“社会和谐”的新闻事件,将其充实到专题中。 5.围绕和谐社会建设话题,开设建设性讨论话题,引导网民参与和谐社会建设的讨论。四.工作要求必须严格把握宣传基调,坚持正面宣传为主。要规范新闻信息 稿源,加强网上舆论引导和监控。各网不能夸大、炒作和谐社会建设中存在的话题,不可以借助和谐社会建设话题搞网上调查,对网上攻击性言论和有害信息要及时 予以删除。各网站如有好的宣传建议,须将宣传策划方案提前报送我办审批。 联系人:市网管办网宣处 林灵思 电话:85120188转852; 13164291104 E-mail: linlingsi@vip.163.com


今年10月1日是中华人民共和国成立57周年纪念日,为更好宣传我国57年来走过的光辉历程,营造喜庆祥和的节日氛围,现对有关国庆57周年网上宣 传报道工作通知如下:一、指导思想大力宣传建国以来、特别是改革开放以来我国综合国力的增强、社会的发展进步、人民生活水平的改善和国际地位的提高;大力 我国在政治、经济、文化和社会建设等方面取得的突出成就;大力宣传中国共产党的正确领导是国家强盛的重要保证;大力宣传新时期全国各族人民树立和落实科学 发展观、全面建设小康社会、构建社会主义和谐社会、社会主义新农村建设的新进展、新成就,为庆祝国庆57周年营造良好的节日氛围。二、 宣传重点 1. 大力宣传我国建国以来尤其是改革开放以来,在政治、经济、文化和社会建设方面取得的巨大成就,突出报道我国上半年经济建设所取得的成果。 2. 积极报道全国各地围绕国庆57周年举办的庆祝活动,各行各业为祖国57岁华诞献礼的实际行动,营造团结、热烈、喜庆的节日氛围。 3. 把握好黄金周旅游宣传报道基调,引导网民过一个健康、快乐、安全的国庆假期,杜绝出现宣传奢侈浪费、破坏环境的宣传报道。 4. 结合中秋节,做好对重视中国传统节日、弘扬中华民族优秀文化传统的宣传报道。 5.千龙网要加强对北京市庆祝国庆57周年有关活动和经济社会建设成就的宣传报道,并设立专区;商业网站要适当加大对北京市国庆57周年有关活动的宣传力 度。三.工作安排 1.千龙、新浪、搜狐、网易、TOM、中华各网站要从 9月25起在新闻中心专题区推出“庆祝中华人民共和国成立57周年”专题(名称可有所变化),时间持续到10月15日。 2.本次专题制作充分发挥各网站的主动性和创造性,各网站除必须转发中央领导国庆讲话和中央组织的重要国庆活动外,可自行设计国庆宣传报道方案,但有关方 案需在9月20日前报网管办网宣处审核批准。联系人:市网管办网宣处 林灵思 电话:85120188转852; 13164291104 E-mail: linlingsi@vip.163.com
2006年9月11日09时51分 北京市新闻办

2006年9月11日15时12分 北京市新闻办杨乐

2006年9月12日15时10分 网管办值班

各网:请在论坛、博客中查找并删除《读博士生揭报重庆大学经管院黑幕》一文。该帖文称:“我是重庆大学张校长的研究生李琼方,现在是博士三年级,目 前我们生活在黑暗的重庆大学,日子过的非常艰难,期待社会各界关注我们的命运,也关注中国大学普遍存在的问题……” 重庆大学已经就此事发表示声明:重庆大学声明近日,国内有网站登出所谓《重庆大学经管学院博士招生的黑幕》的帖子,并出现了相关的附和帖子。对此,重庆大 学严正声明如下:一、经查实,重庆大学从未有过叫李琼方的博士生。二、这些帖子所罗列现象纯属无中生有,是对重庆大学及相关教师的恶意中伤。三、我校博士 生招生和培养有严格的管理制度、财经制度,从未出现过帖子中所称的受贿、克扣学生津贴、有意拖延学生培养环节和毕业时间的现象。四、为了确保研究生的培养 质量,经管学院培养博士生是严格执行学校《重庆大学研究生管理规定(试行)》、《重庆大学研究生申请硕士、博士学位发表学术论文的规定(试行稿)》、重大 校(2005)40号文的规定。 五、学校就此事已向公安机关报案,公安机关已受理。学校将继续采取法律手段,澄清事实,维护学校声誉和教职工权益。重庆大学校长办公室 2006年8月30日
2006年9月12日15时12分 网管办值班

2006年9月12日15时12分 网管办值班



2006年9月18日15时13分 北京市新闻办

2006年9月20日09时00分 柴玥



三:请删除《韩国争抢中国东海苏岩礁 中方加强海洋巡视管理》一稿。

These translated directives were first posted by Rogier Creemers on on December 6, 2012 (here).


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