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From Danwei:

Some year-end roundup items:

A 2006 Lexicon
The Beijing News did its annual arts & entertainment review in the format of a language textbook. Twenty vocabulary items, from “blog” (Âçö), “brokeback” (Êñ≠ËÉå) and “hidden rules” (ÊΩúËßÑÂàô) to “Oh my God” in Shaanxi dialect (È¢ùʪ¥Á•û, from My Own Swordsman), “indecent exposure” (˵∞ÂÖâ), and of course “spoof” (ÊÅ∂Êêû).

Origin, explanation, and usage notes are given for each term. Rounding out the “20 + 06” gimmick are the six top “A&E Instructors” in 2006: Guo Degang (crosstalk fever), Huang Jianxiang (sports announcer goes crazy), Ning Hao (Crazy Stone), Ning Caishen (My Own Swordsman), Han Han (blog fights), and Wang Shuo (the novelist returns). (link) [Full Text]

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